Second Judicial District Attorney Kari E. Brandenburg

The Office of the Second Judicial District Attorney, on behalf of the State of New Mexico, is responsible for the effective and efficient prosecution of criminal cases within its jurisdiction, thus assuring a safer community and greater quality of life for Bernalillo County citizens.

For our team, our job is about more than simply prosecuting cases. It is about making a difference. Victim advocates provide dedicated and personalized support during times of crisis and uncertainty, lessening the trauma that often accompanies victimization. Our alternative sentencing programs help first-time, non-violent offenders avoid felony convictions, while providing them the support and structure they need to overcome challenges in their lives. The staff spends countless hours networking with community organizations to bring attention to social issues, including violence against women and animal rights.

The Office of the District Attorney works daily to bring justice to others in our community.  As public servants, we are honored to serve the State of New Mexico.  We have identified three goals that remain paramount to our mission:

*To support our employees to their full potential so productivity is high and they realize the difference they are making in the community

*We must be effective in our prosecution of criminal offenders.  Only then can we positively impact public safety and the quality of life in Bernalillo County

*To instill public faith and confidence in the criminal justice system by ensuring the just and efficient operation of the Office of the District Attorney


Latest News

September 29, 2015

Jonathan Jones Pleads Guilty in Felony Hit and Run Case

From the ring to the courtroom, MMA Champion fighter Jon “Bones” Jones was back in court today, this time entering a guilty plea for a felony hit and run.. (Learn More)

September 17, 2015

Teen Pleads Guilty in Fatal Homeless Beating

One of three Albuquerque teens accused in the beating death of two homeless men has admitted his guilt, and says he will testify against his two remaining co-defendants. (Learn More)

September 3, 2015

Defendant Indicted for Alleged Kidnapping, Beating, Attempted Rape

Held on $500,000 cash only bond, 54 year old Richard Beltran has now been indicted by a Bernalillo County grand jury for allegedly holding a woman against will her and torturing her over a span of six days. (Learn More)

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